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LEUPOLD Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 (35mm) M5C3 FFP CCH


Pick up a Mark 5HD™ and you’ll feel the difference: it’s up to 20 ounces lighter than other scopes in its class. Get behind one and you’ll see the difference, from the superior edge-to-edge clarity and extreme low-light performance, to the versatility of the Combat Competition Hunter reticle. With three revolutions of elevation adjustment, the Mark 5HD was built to max out the performance of the latest long-range rifles and ammo. Ergonomically designed with more tactile, audible click adjustments, larger numbers, and a high-speed throw lever so you can put accurate fire downrange faster.

Front Focal CCH Reticule

  • Proprietary Leupold Design
  • MIL based grid
  • Created with input from elite operators, shooters and hunters
  • Large number of aiming points for long range and extreme long range shots
  • Patented open intersections provide quick bracketing and precise shot placement
  • Moving target holds
  • Integrated measurement tool
  • Optimized at 12-16X for use with nightvison and thermal

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