General Information


Sponsoring demands is proud to invest in his community. We are receiving a lot of sponsoring and visibility demands. In order to evaluate yours as quickly as possible, we would like you to follow these simple steps. If your demand is fully completed, we will be able to evaluate your event and give you an answer in a shorter delay.

1. Download and complete the demand form;

2. Send the form and your visibility document to, a tracking number will be provided and a team member will contact you if necessary


I have a technical problem with the website

Please contact us at or by phone at 514-225.2423.

Our toll free number 1-855-389-0386

How can I change the language on

Yes, you can choose French or English on top of any page

Account and billing


Do you have dealer pricing?

Yes. We provide a dealer program, some condition apply. Contact us at for more informations.


How much does the shipping cost?

It depends on what's included in your order. You can estimate shipping costs at the bottom of the shopping cart. 

My delivery isn't there but I was notified it was delivered.

Our alerts are provided directly by the shipping service chosen. If you were notified that your item was delivered but it's not the case, you must provide the original shipping slip for any claim with the parcel service company. You are responsible for any claim in that regard

Special delivery instructions

If you have specific delivery instructions, we will send them to the shipping company.

Be aware that these instructions might not be fulfilled depending on the company chosen.

If you ask to leave your parcel somewhere specific while you're away, you are fully responsible for the package.

Changing shipping company

Some articles have specific shipping needs that can be suited by few shipping services. When it's the case, a special mention is included in the product description. If the shipping company needs to be changed after the order completion, applicable fees might be added to your order. 

I got my shipment tracking number but I don't see it on the carrier's site.

When we provide you with your tracking number, it means your order is ready to be shipped but the carrier has not picked-up your order yet.

Carriers pick-up calendar :

Dicom: everyday pick-up.

FedEx: everyday pick-up.

Poste Canada : monday, wednesday and friday pick-ups

Note: no pick-ups on weekends and holidays.

How long it takes to ship an order?

Usually, all shipments leave the warehouse between 24 and 48 hours after you've placed your order.

You can follow your order with is tracking number to know when to expect it delivered.

Will I have to sign the reception of my shipment?

No. We ship without the signature option unless you ask to for it during the cart process in the "comment" box. 


Return Policy

1. You have 15 days to make a return for a credit

2. We do not give back the money we give a credit to your account

3. Shipping for a credit is at the customer expense

4. The invoice is required for a return in store

5. Invoice copy must be in the return package, with the return form fill out.

6. The item returned for a credit must be unopened and in perfect condition

7. All items returned must be done with the same care it has been shipped to, we the right to refuse any items that have not been shipped with that care.


We offer a 30 days warranty in store, after this period, the manufacturer's warranty will apply.

I do not have my invoice could a make a return

No. Because we won't be able to validate the price you've paid for your item.

I would like to return an item

To return an item see the back of your invoice, and follow the instructions.

Downloadable form, marche pas

Communications and promotions


I would like to subscribe to your newsletter

If you would like to receive our newsletter, follow these simple steps :

1. Follow the link :;

2. Look for the "newsletter" section at the bottom right of the home page (see image below);

3. Enter your complete name and email;

4. Click "Submit"


How do promo codes work?

It is the responsibility of the customer to find promotional codes and add it to their orders.

We cannot add a promotional code on an invoice already treated. You cannot cancel an order to redo it with your promo code, this is the customer responsibility to check his order twice before processing it. Enter your promotional code in the box at the bottom of your order and click "GO"