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Peterson Brass 6mm XC Small Primer Unprimed Bag of 100


NOTICE - THIS IS THE FIRST RUN: Peterson Cartridge 6XC casings are made to CIP external specifications. After producing their 1st “batch” of these 6XC casings, they noticed that there are some differences between 6XC casings made by Peterson, and those made by Norma.  The main difference you will notice is that the internal volume of these Peterson-made 6XC casings is less than the internal volume of those made by Norma.

As a result, you will likely need to re-work your load for these Peterson-made 6XC casings. Using Peterson Cartridge’s internal ballistics lab, they were able to determine that 6XC casings from this 1st production run perform really well around the 2900 FPS accuracy node. If you start to increase your velocity above the 2900 FPS accuracy node, especially using 115 grain bullets, you may start to notice some pressure signs.

Since producing this 1st run of 6XC casings, Peterson Cartridge has worked with David Tubb, who developed this cartridge, to improve the casing’s performance with the 115 grain DTAC bullets. As a result, the next production lot of 6XC casings produced by Peterson Cartridge will have a larger internal volume combined with a much harder casing head. In testing performed with David Tubb, these new changes have eliminated any issues/shortcomings these 1st version casings have.  

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