IMPORTANT NOTICE - Today we announce that our very popular X-Rewards program will be suspended indefinitely to proceed to an important update to it. Therefore, it will not be possible to earn or spend points on purchases starting February 24, 2018, 1PM EST.

We are working very hard to improve your shopping experience at X-Reload and we want to make sure that we provide you the best customer experience possible.

Stay tuned and follow our Facebook page for the latest developments.


It is with great pleasure that X-Reload wishes to inform you that an enhanced version of its X-Rewards program is back.

What is the X-Rewards program?

The X-Rewards program is a reward program devoted to our loyal customers. In an effort to thank you for giving us the privilege of fulfilling your reloading equipment needs, X-Reload revives with an enhanced shopping experience.

How to participate?

Participating is easy! By creating an account on, you are automatically registered in the X-Rewards program.

How to earn points?

Every time you make purchases on, you earn X-Rewards. Every dollar of purchase gives 1 point. So, if you buy for $ 100, you will get 100 points.

What is the value of each point?

The cash value of the points is the equivalent of 2%  on the purchases made on Think about it, 2% return on investment at all times, with no extra costs. 

Purchase amount ($) Points Value in ($)
10,00$ 10 0,20$
25,00$ 25 0,50$
50,00$ 50 1,00$
100,00$ 100 2,00$
200,00$ 200 4,00$
500,00$ 500 10,00$
1000,00$ 1000 20,00$

How to redeem points?

Whether you decide to accumulate points for a particular item or spend your points every time you make a purchase, X-Reload gives you the opportunity to manage them the way you desire. Indeed, the new version of the points system is more flexible and allows you to decide when and how to use your points.


Will I get back my bank of points that I had saved in the older version of the X-Rewards?

Yes! X-Reload will give you back the points you had saved when the X-Rewards program was removed and you will be able to use them when the X-Rewards program returns.

*In order to get your points back, you must use the same email address previously used in the older version of the X-Rewards Program.

Do my points have an expiration date?

No! The X-Rewards program allows you to accumulate your points peacefully and use them whenever you want

* IMPORTANT Please note that X-Reload may terminate the program at any time. In this event, a notice will be sent to you and you will have a period of 30 days to use your points. After this 30-day period, your X-Rewards will be lost without any recourse

Can I convert my X-Rewards points into hard cash?

No, the X-Rewards can only be used as credit for purchases made on

Are taxes and cost of delivery included for the calculation of the X-Rewards points?

No, the X-Rewards are calculated from the total amount of your items in the shopping cart. Taxes and delivery are not included in the calculation.

*Note that X-Reload reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the X-Rewards Program at any time.