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CCI - Primer - BR4 - Small Rifle B.R. 1000/Box

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CCI - Primer - BR4 - Small Rifle Benchrest 1000/Box

In benchrest competition, there’s no such thing as a group that’s “too small.” Everything has to be tuned to the highest degree to produce match-winning results. That’s why we make CCI Benchrest primers. Only our most experienced skilled personnel put the priming mix in the cups, so you get the same flame, shot after shot. We also use specially selected cups and anvils for added consistency. An independent researcher identified the use of CCI Benchrest primers as one of two factors that were the most significant contributors to tiny groups. We can’t add much to that!


  • Incredibly consistent ignition power
  • Selected metal parts
  • Each primer marked with a “B” for quick
  • Use the same data as CCI Standard (non-Magnum)

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