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Redding - Full Lenght Die Set - 7 PRC


The Redding Full Length Die Set 80936 is an exceptional reloading toolset designed for the most discerning shooters and hunters. This set includes a full-length sizing die, a seating die, and a bullet seater plug, which enable you to reload cartridges with maximum precision and consistency.

The full-length sizing die is designed to completely resize the cartridge, ensuring that it fits precisely into your firearm's chamber, providing consistent accuracy and reducing the chance of malfunctions. The seating die is designed to hold the bullet securely in place and precisely align it with the case mouth, while the bullet seater plug ensures that the bullet is seated to the desired depth.

The Redding Full Length Die Set 80936 is manufactured using the highest quality materials, ensuring maximum durability and reliability. The dies are precisely machined to exacting tolerances, ensuring that they perform optimally and with ease.

If you are looking for a premium reloading toolset that will enable you to produce ammunition with unparalleled accuracy and consistency, the Redding Full Length Die Set 80936 is the perfect choice.

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Caliber - Rifle7mm PRC

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