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Brian Enos - Slide-Glide Standard 1/2 oz. Tube (Medium Viscosity)


Brian Enos Slide-Glide Standard is a high-performance lubricant designed specifically for firearms. This synthetic grease is specially formulated to provide long-lasting lubrication and protection for gun parts that are subject to high levels of friction and wear, such as slides, rails, and other moving components.

Slide-Glide Standard is a thicker version of the Slide-Glide Lite formula and is perfect for use in colder climates or for shooters who prefer a heavier lubricant. It has a low coefficient of friction, which means it reduces friction and wear, leading to smoother operation, longer service life, and improved accuracy.

The lubricant is easy to apply and stays where it's needed, even under high-temperature conditions. It is also resistant to water and contaminants, which means it will not break down or evaporate, even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Slide-Glide Standard is widely used and highly recommended by competitive shooters, gun enthusiasts, and firearm professionals around the world. If you're looking for a reliable lubricant that will help improve the performance of your firearm, look no further than Brian Enos Slide-Glide Standard.

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